Custom Docker Image and CI Config File for Hugo and Madoko on GitLab

More detail about the custom Docker image and the GitLab CI config file I use.

I posted last year about using Hugo and Madoko in a Custom Docker Image for GitLab CI/CD. I received an email asking for more information about the image and my CI file setup. This post goes into a bit more detail about the GitLab CI configuration file that I used and what the various parts of it do in the build process.

Hosting Hugo on GitLab

A short overview of what I did to host this Hugo based website on GitLab.

I recently decided to switch from Wordpress to a Static Site. This post is a review of what I finally ended up with for the most simple solution for my site. I had a few guiding principles as I worked through the process of setting this up.

  • Free or Cheap static site hosting
  • As few moving parts and systems as possible
  • Easy to create or update content from desktop or mobile
  • Supports SSL (HTTPS) for my domain