Wow, what an amazing year. Some of the best and worst things to have happen in life happened this year. In rough chronological order.

  • Dad became really sick and required hospitalization.
  • Marriage to Carrie!! :) An awesome wife and kids, nice weather, family and friends together, It was excellent!
  • Mom diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Trip to Vegas with Carrie for Honeymoon. :)
  • Olivia’s basketball team goes to State!
  • While at Olivia’s State Tourney, come down with really bad case of the Flu that took me out for almost 2 weeks.
  • Mom surgery for cancer, starts chemo.
  • Create Yearbooks for Halle’s kindergarten school for PTA.
  • End of house rental lease, start looking for a new one.
  • Find homes, make offers, close a deal.
  • Pack up and move out and clean up rental house.
  • Clean up, repair and update new house.
  • Move everything over and unpack into new house.
  • Carrie starts a new job 3 days a week.
  • Eli and Olivia move out of the house and away to college around the same time we are moving to new house.
  • Max starts pre-school and Halle starts 1st grade.
  • SFPE conference in Denver
  • FEMTC 2016 event planning and management.
  • Prep for Trip to Singapore then deliver 5 days of training there.
  • More FEMTC 2016 prep including coordination of 38 presenters for the event and over 100 in attendance.
  • 2016 US Elections, Trump wins. O..o
  • Next week to Spain with Carrie for hosting the FEMTC event.
  • Excellent time in Spain with Carrie and friends.

Whew!!! And there is still a bit more left in the year. Fortunately, most of the really difficult stuff that we planned for is behind us now.

I wonder what 2017 will bring. :)